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Moduret 25, Fruco, Frumil



Diuretic, in treatment of heart failure or high blood pressure.

All brands are a combination of two or three active substances.

Amiloride is a potassium saving diuretic often added to a therapy with an other diuretic to enhance the effect on the fluid but to keep body potassium at level.


How do they work?
These watertablets stimulate urineproduction. Lowering the blood pressure. It is easier for the heart to regulate the circulation. There will be lesser fluid retention (oedema).

How long do you take them for?
That depends on the diagnosed illness. Often the teatment with a diuretic will be for many years. The doctor will decide when to add or stop a (potassium saving)diuretic.

When does the effect show or when is it noticeable?
The effect of amiloride starts within two hours after taking the tablet. Is max after 6-10 hours and will last for 24 hours.

What are the side effects if any?
for amiloride are: dizziness, dry-mouth, tiredness, muscle-cramps, also stomach problems and skin reactions.

How do you take them?
Take the tablet as a morning dose; if you need to take it in divided doses: take the first dose in the morning and the last dose early evening (4pm). Each dose to be taken with enough water.

Can I take this if I am Pregnant, want to conceive or if Iam breast feeding?
There are no details known, but it is not advised to use during pregnancy. It is not recommended to use while breast feeding. Contact your doctor.

* Stop smoking. * Watch your weight. * Eat healthy with enough variation. Be moderate with fat and salt. * Take exercise: at least three times a week half an hour. * To prevent low potassium, eat: Banana, citrus, tomato, melon, and have your blood potassium level checked occasionally.